If you have used the Hypatia Catalog Database in published research, please include the following acknowledgement:

The research shown here acknowledges use of the Hypatia Catalog Database, an online compilation of stellar abundance data as described in Hinkel et al. (2014, AJ, 148, 54), which was supported by NASA's Nexus for Exoplanet System Science (NExSS) research coordination network and the Vanderbilt Initiative in Data-Intensive Astrophysics (VIDA).

Additionally, please cite the original Hypatia Catalog paper:

In the event that a small number of catalogs was used within an analysis, we highly encourage the citation of those individual papers. However, we still appreciate the acknowledgment of the Hypatia Catalog and Database, in order to give credit for the use of the website, internal algorithms, and availability of the data (since >50% of the catalogs were not available in machine-readable formats prior to this compilation).

The Hypatia Catalog and Hypatia Catalog Database was created and is currently maintained by Dr. Natalie Hinkel.

The lead developer for the online Hypatia Catalog Database is Dan Burger, who acknowledges support from the Vanderbilt Frist Center for Autism and Innovation.

Intuitive backend developer by Dr. Caleb Wheeler, Underground Instruments.

Additional developer support by Nitin Pasumarthy, Benjamin Knight, and Wendy Yu

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Additional thanks to Kevin White and Dr. Garrett Somers.

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